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Our Mission Statement!

"At MDremoteITservices, our mission is to not only provide superior helpdesk sevices we also aim to revolutionize communication and asset management through seamless integration of VOIP technology and innovative asset tracking solutions. We are dedicated to providing businesses with reliable, scalable VOIP systems that streamline communication processes and enhance productivity with our patership with USA Phone. Additionally, we are committed to empowering organizations with cutting-edge asset management tools, enabling them to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiency. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking to transform their communication infrastructure and asset management strategies for the digital age."

A Bit About Us

We are Florida's solution to all your tech problems. Specializing in remote IT services, where we login remotely and resolve your PC issues but we offer so much more!  Whatever your tech issue is, we've got you covered.  We can do all types of computer repairs. We can repair your laptop, repair your desktop, remove viruses, laptop screen repair, hardware repair, recover your data, clean up & repair your computer, repair Windows, repair dell & all other brands!


We know how intimidating your computer can be, so let us help. Why spend your day trying to solve your tech problems when the TECH TEAM can get you online in no time? Call the TECH TEAM!  Let us do the work so you can kick back and enjoy.

For Immediate Service please start a chat with us at the bottom right of this screen.

we routinely perform the following computer repair services while in possession of your computer:

  • Physically clean out computer of all dust and debris

  • Organize your cabling with zip ties, and make your wiring actually look good

  • Diagnose your computer problems and fully repair them

  • Find potential upgrades to make your computer faster

  • Clean & Tune-up to make the computer as fast as it was when you bought it

  • Test all Hardware to ensure things won’t break in the near future

  • Update Windows to the latest version

  • Tutor on how to keep your computer clean

  • Tutor on how to avoid re-infecting your computer

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Services _
  • IT Outsourcing

  • Phone & Call Center Solutions

  • Electric Recycling

  • Project Management

  • Custom PC Builds

  • Computer Rentals

  • Networking Design– home office / business

  • PC support & installation

  • Hard drive back up

  • ​Data recovery

  • ​Remote support

  • ​Smart phone support

  • Desktop and Laptop Repair

  • Desktop and Laptop Upgrades

  • Office Furniture Assembly 

  • Computer Sales & Sale Consignments

  • IT equipment buyback and resell

  • Asset Management

  • IT room Builds & Decommissioning

  • ​PC repair

  • ​Consulting

  • IT solutions

  • ​Training

  • Internet security

  • Blue Screen Repair

  • Laptop Screen Replacement


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